Testimonials & Reviews

Veronica Rocha


"Thank you, Aegis Authority LLC, for offering a safe and empowering environment for women to learn about firearms. Julie Creason is an awesome instructor! I’ve attended Women on Target, A Girl and A Gun events, and more recently private instruction with Julie. As a new shooter, the range can be intimidating, however, I felt comfortable with Julie to ask any and all questions I had. I recommend both group and individual training with Aegis Authority LLC!"

Jen Cutright


"Steve and Julie are the perfect team for all your self defense/firearm knowledge.
I was so nervous to attend my first class but they immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome. I've learned so much through all their training. "

Linn Gaspar


"Julie Creason you and Aegis Authority LLC do so much for the AG & AG High Desert. Can't tell you how anxious I am to sign up for everything. All of your classes are full of valuable information and you make it easy to grasp! Good Job!"

Morgan Ballis



If I had to choose one word to describe the team and training philosophy at Aegis it would be dedicated.

Dedicated to providing the highest level of training for their students. Dedicated to providing a welcoming and relaxed environment. Dedicated to their own professional growth and development.

As an owner and the Chief Firearms Instructor for my own training company I would not hesitate to refer students to Aegis. Keep up the great work and thank you for everything you do.

Carol Thomas


"This is the most supportive and helpful group for any woman who wants to learn how to shoot, or who just enjoys shooting. The expertise, professionalism, camaraderie and kindness make every new member or visitor feel welcome and valued!" 

Judith Lynn Laffoon



A fabulous day spent in the classroom and on the range with Aegis Authority LLC, A Girl & A Gun High Desert Chapter, and my Class Gun Girls - Rhonda Schrock Sweetman and Jen Cutright. We sure had fun with our range drills!!!

Thanks to the Apple Valley Gun Club for the use of their Classroom and range - the range is great even after the sun goes down. Love AVGC!!!

Topics covered included:

Developing A Personal and Home Protection Plan
Self-Defense Firearm Basics
Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
The Legal Use of Force
Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath
Gear and Gadgets
Basic and Advanced Skills
Live Fire Exercise

I'm ready for the Advanced Class now!!!

Rhonda Schrock Sweetman


"Just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to Julie Creason and Steve Faris for the amazing day yesterday with USCCA CC training course. The material and presentation was great! The range time was amazing! Love learning, training, and spending time with these amazing people!!!!

Thank you!!!!!"

Jen Cutright


"There is SO MUCH MORE to know when you want to own a firearm for self defensive purposes. It's our responsibility to educate ourselves.
I enjoyed 10 hours of instruction and range time today learning some of the ins and outs of CC and self defense laws.
The goodie bags were full of gun related loot! 

Bonus: we ran through the FBI qual drill and we all passed with flying colors. Wheres my badge?
#concealedcarry #uscca #momswhoshoot #momswhocarry #pewpewlife #rangetherapy #selfdefensetraining #agirlandagun @ Apple Valley Gun Club"

Miyuki Noon-Farley


"I have been to a couple women's gun classes which I thoroughly enjoyed however this fundamental class instructed by Aegis is VERY thorough, educating and fun. I Highly recommend everyone to take this class! 

Nothing against the opposite gender but being trained by a female is 100% better. I was honored to be trained by Julie yesterday and I felt like a good friend was training me! I didn't feel pressured at all.  She was patient and spoke to me like I was a friend or family!!! She found out my weakness immediately and helped me to fix it! 

The other ladies in our class yesterday also loved the other 2 instructors as well. I work in the medical field and I treat my patients like family and so does Aegis Authority!!! 

10 Stars out of 5!!!!"

Melissa Weston


"Yesterday I took the Women's Handgun Fundamentals class. It was my first class. I loved it. I left feeling so much more comfortable with my gun. I feel so empowered to do more. I can't wait for the next class. 

Thank you."